Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dealing with Sin

Hello Readers (If there are any),

It has been a long time since my last post and I thought I would come here and confess why.

For the past few weeks and months I have been discovering my Christianity, I have been reading numerous books, blogs and articles on Christianity and i have been trying to grow spiritually. I feel I was making very good progress but then something happened which I wasn't expecting or planned for.

I found myself becoming more and more tempted to sin. I found myself having thoughts about doing things I know is wrong and the more I tried to fight them the stringer the urge to sin grew in me. I, rather naively, thought that once I became a Christian and accepted God into my life then the urge to sin would just disappear, that I would be good and pure and I thought that because I was having these temptations and thoughts I must not be a good Christian and maybe I was fooling myself into thinking I was.

I now know this is wrong. Being a Christian does not mean that you do not have the temptation to sin, it means you recognise sin is in the world but have the strength to resist. I no longer doubt my Christianity but will be working harder on resisting. I will also be updating this blog more.


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